Building is all we do!

Almost everyone dreams of owning their own home, however a select few take this dream a step farther by envisioning themselves commissioning their own home to be built. If you are amongst these select few, then perhaps you should let Tony from Tru Built Mountain Homes help you build your new home or cabin. 
Of course, finding and hiring a builder is more complicated then choosing a name out of a phonebook or reading one off of a website. However, Tony Watkins and his crew provide you with more than enough reasons to hire them. Some of these reasons include experience, accomplished work, and building methods. 


Tony Watkins has been building homes since 1990 in northern Georgia, and today he has a small yet efficient crew working alongside him. Experience distinguishes Tony from the majority of home builders in the south. While creativity and energy is important when constructing a home from the ground up, experience translates to security that cannot be bought. No matter how many times Tony begins constructing a home or cabin, he uses the same methodical approach to create an environment that enables the best possible outcome. Whether your home will be built on the side of a mountain or in  a meadow, Tony has the experience and knowhow to build it properly. 

Accomplished Work

Experience goes hand-in-hand with a portfolio of completed work. Tru Built Mountain Homes has numerous large and small construction projects under their belt. Some of these completed works include newly developed neighborhood communities, custom designed single family homes, rustic cabins, and lake homes. These developments exist in several cities throughout northern Georgia. The majority of properties built by Tru Built Mountain Homes are owned by individual homeowners who wish to have their property built according to exact specifications. By providing consistently superior work, Tru Built Mountain Homes has built a reputation in the cities and communities that make up north Georgia. 

Building Methods and Customer Service

Tony Watkins lives by the traditional values of the Deep South. These include honesty, integrity, and hard work. He incorporates those same values into his business methodology. By respecting his customer’s wishes he provides superior customer service that cannot be found elsewhere. 
Tony’s building methods are traditional, and much of the work that he does involves real wood sourced from nearby forests. These materials make a difference in how the interior design and exterior structure turn out. Everything from the products he uses to the way that he implements them into the construction process, is represented in his building methodology. 

Specialized Work and Styles

Tru Built Mountain Homes not only offers well constructed homes, but they also build them in a variety of specialized designs and styles. Some of their most popular designs include rustic barn cabins, lake homes, and custom built river cabins as well. Every home they build is built according to the home owners specifications, and they don’t consider the job done until their client says it is. 
Anyone who hires a contractor or builder should be confident that they can handle the task at hand, and when you hire someone with experience and talent like Tony Watkins you cannot go wrong. 
You should let Tony and his crew build your next home because of their reputation and creativity. No other builder in northern Georgia can construct creative and unique homes like Tru Built Mountain Homes. The name says it all, and if you want your home or cabin to be unlike anything else out there, then you should hire Tony Watkins. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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