Choosing The Right Builder

Building your first home is an exciting adventure. You get to choose every aspect of your homes design right down to where the electrical outlets will be and how your bedroom doors will open. But as fun and as exciting as it may seem, the amount of work that goes into building a home is immense. It involves months of preparation and design work with a team of experts. Before you can begin deciding on paint colors and light fixtures you have to find the right builder. 
To help you decipher between experienced builders and those who are only in it for the cash, consider the following 7 tips along your journey to finding the right builder for your home. 
Tip 1.
Remember the power of word of mouth. Most people ask their friends or family members where to go out to eat or shop for the best deals and values, and when it comes to finding a builder the same rule applies. Ask people you know and trust if they have used a builder in your area, and don’t be afraid to get their honest opinion. Often times, they are the voice of reason and can point you in the right direction. Fortunately, Tru Build Mountain Homes has a sterling reputation in northern Georgia, and receives a majority of their business through references.
Tip  2.
Analyze their credentials. Just because a construction company has been around for 10 years does not mean they have the manpower or skill to back up their bold claims. It always helps to double check references and analyze any reviews the company may hold online. Doing so could save you a good deal of heartache down the line. 
Tip 3.
Talk to those in the industry. Head out to places where contractors frequent like hardware stores or home building supply shops, and ask around about the best builder in town. The best advice is always free, so ask for the honest opinions of those who know what they are talking about.
Tip 4.
Stop at newly built home sites and ask who built the property. Many homeowners are flattered when you take note of their home’s custom design, so asking who built it for them is a great way to find the right builder for your home. You can also inquire about the builder’s professionalism and customer service to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. 
Tip 5.
Always check credentials. Just because a contractor claims to be a professional doesn’t mean they are. Instead of taking their word for it, always double check their credentials to make sure they have all the legally required certifications and licenses to be conducting business in your area. The best building contractors work legally, so this is an important part of finding the right home builder.
Tip 6.
Interview the builder. Many builders and contractors don’t like being interviewed by potential clients, but it is important that you do so. There is no substitute for speaking with a contractor face-to-face. During the interview, be sure to ask important questions about their building process and how long on average it takes them to complete a job. 
Tip 7.
Take your time. While you may be eager to have your home built, taking the time to find the right builder will save you frustration and money down the road. 
Tru Built Mountain Homes adheres to all of the qualifications we have outlined above. If you want to hire a builder you can trust, then look no further than Tony Watkins and Tru Built Mountain Homes.

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