Custom Building

Custom building involves more than just a meet and greet between a client and builder. Months of planning and hard work goes into the process of crafting a fine-tuned design that fits with the needs of the individual. 
 At Tru Built Mountain Homes, Tony Watkins takes custom building to an entirely new level. Not only does he work one-on-one with his clients, but he also provides them with a variety of custom building options. Typically, custom home building involves a homeowner who has the semblance of what they want only to have a builder to determine by default what their client is after. Fortunately, that is not the way Tru Built Mountain Homes does things. Instead, they take the approach of putting their client’s needs first by thoroughly understanding their needs prior to ever breaking ground on the project, enabling clients to save both time and money. However, some homeowners prefer to know what their options are before building a design from scratch. This is why Tru Built Mountain Homes offers both existing and custom made building plans.

Existing Building Plans 

If you have ever driven by a stunning mountain home in northern Georgia’s Enchanted Valley and imagined yourself owning it, then Tru Built Mountain Home’s existing building plans might be right for you. In fact, the property you are pining over may very well have been built by this team of expert builders. Whatever the case may be, Tony and his team make it easy to build a home by providing a unique portfolio of pre-built custom designs for them to choose from. Each existing building plan is owned by Tony Watkins, so you can be confident that it is well thought out. 
Tony builds a variety of properties, so whether you are interested in owning a small lake cabin or a massive mountain home, there is likely a plan available for you in his portfolio. Of course, Tru Built Mountain Homes specializes in custom built real estate, so if you require any adjustments to your pre-made design they are happy to oblige. The purpose of these existing plans is to cut down on the time spent designing your property so you can get right into your new home. 
Even though many of these plans have already been used, you can be certain that each property that Tru Built Mountain Homes has a hand in constructing is genuinely unique. No two homes look identical. Choosing pre-existing building plans is an excellent choice if you need to cut down on your budget or would like to save time.

Custom Building Plans 

On the flip side of the coin are custom building plans. Custom building plans are literally created as you go through the building process. Typically, homeowners select the patterns and shapes they want and a builder will fill in the blanks according to what he thinks is suitable. When Tony customizes your building plan this is not the case. In fact, Tony will discuss your concerns and create the building plan according to your preferences. The final blueprint will never have been used before, and the details will be impeccable. With 20 years of experience building and customizing blueprints, Tony Watkins is by far one the best custom building plan designers in northern Georgia. 
The finest builders always create their designs from scratch to ensure uniqueness in each of their homes, and Tru Built Mountain Homes is no different. They are dedicated to the needs of their clients, and painstakingly craft custom building plans that are tailored to the whims of the homeowner. No matter what you ask, they will find a way to make it a reality. 
Choose Tony Watkins’ custom or existing building plans to make your new home a perfect representation of your style and personality.

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